Monday, October 19, 2009

Leo's a Metrosexual? Say It Isn't So...

PETA, the animal rights organization, has certainly made clear its opposition to all live mascots, including Leo III and Una at the University of North Alabama. Such rhetoric is to be expected when discussing live animals, but how about those other mascots--the humans dressed in colorful costumes depicting these animals?

If you've attended any UNA functions since the start of the fall semester, you've seen the newest addition to the university family, a shorn Leo and his hip mate Una. According to university officials, the new designs are more kid friendly; apparently Leo's mane has been off putting to many local children. Now, thanks to alumnus artist Walt Vandiver (pictured), UNA has a kinder and gentler mascot.

Yet, is a school mascot really supposed to be kind and gentle? We've always wondered how the Sidney Lanier High School Poets of Montgomery manage to keep a straight face as they're introduced on the football field. According to columnist Tom Magazzu, Leo's new incarnation bears a striking resemblance to Rihanna. Yep, he's definitely a metrosexual now.

What's up with this: The next time you drive by IBR Plasma Center on Florence Boulevard, take a look at the overflowing parking lot. Are we in the Shoals so underpaid, or even worse, that we have to sell our blood to make ends meet?