Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rhea Tays Fulmer Lacks Logic in Lauderdale Budget

Do you love your job? We hope you do. Would you leave the job you love if you could increase your wages by $5.00 an hour? We're pretty sure most of our readers would answer in the affirmative.

According to the September 29, 2009, TimesDaily report on the most recent Lauderdale County Commission meeting, Fulmer's was the only dissenting vote among the four member commission concerning an approximate 3.5% raise for county employees.

Fulmer's logic, or perhaps a better term would be lack of such, concerning her vote against the raise was based on the need for an additional deputy. While the Lauderdale Sheriff's office has increased its staff by four in the past two years, no one will argue that the department is stretched thin in its attempts at patrolling the entire county.

Fulmer stated, "I see public safety as a top priority." We agree with Fulmer on the priority of public safety, but disagree on her reasoning. Should the Lauderdale Commission consent to fund another deputy by foregoing the annual cost of living raises for current law enforcement officers, how long would the sheriff's department be able to retain its present staff? Assuming it could find replacements for those who would leave for higher paying jobs, the county would be responsible for the training of these new recruits--recruits who would still be tyros and unproved in the field.

Kudos to the Lauderdale County Commission for funding these yearly raises for county employees, and two thumbs down to Mrs. Fulmer who needs to look at the whole picture before speaking out.

What's up with this: Russellville police chief Chris Hargett has refused to name the officer who fired shots in a recent chase. Accounts of the shooting picture it as completely justifiable, so why the secrecy from Hargett who has been termed by many as extra tough on certain segments of the population (read: black).