Saturday, October 24, 2009

From Demonic to Angelic - A Potpourri of Reports

Sadly, our demonic reports outnumber the angelic two to one...

Demonic: One of the paradoxes of psychology is the need for healthy individuals to have pride in their own heritage and ethnicity while accepting and admiring the same thing in those who are of different backgrounds. Obviously, not everyone is healthy; in fact, it seems that even in 2009 we have many sick individuals out there.

Our blog on George Wallace III yielded an extremely interesting missive from a Rogersville reader concerning the exact nature of the Council of Conservative Citizens. After reading briefly from the CoCC's website, we're more convinced than ever that GW3 either has serious mental issues to be involved with such a group or is as much a political opportunist as his late father. In either event, Wallace is not anyone the State of Alabama needs to serve in any elected capacity.

Demonic: Remember Lexington's Shaun Shapley who murdered his stepdaughter Jennifer Bragg during a rape attempt? Shapley was offered a plea deal and received a 25-year sentence. A friend of Jennifer has contacted us, stating she is one of many who still question just how Shapley, a habitual offender who raped both his stepdaughters, received such leniency. In all probability, Jennifer's mother's support of her husband played a large role in the plea.

Shapley is now housed at the Bullock Correctional Facility just southeast of Montgomery, a medium security installation. While Shapley's release date is not until 2033, he will soon be eligible for work release. We encourage everyone who cared for Jennifer, who is appalled by this total miscarriage of justice, to write in protest of any parole or transfer to work release.

Re: AIS# 263566
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
Post Office Box 302405
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Angelic: Not all news from our war-weary military is made up of gloom and doom. We invite you to perus
e The Geddon Report, dispatches from half way around the world written by the boy next door. We promise you'll soon be a Geddonite. Enjoy!