Friday, October 23, 2009

George Wallace III, the Good & the Bad - Part II

After losing his bid for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, George Wallace III, aka Jr, reportedly told friends he considered his political career at an end. Now the oft-married son of two former Alabama governors has announced his candidacy for State Treasurer, a position he twice held before.

Wallace has stated he wishes to resume his role as State Treasurer in order to restructure PACT, the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition fund, a program he initiated while in office. Many who have been adversely affected by the program's shortfall have stated they were unaware the government program wasn't insured; economists have stated the program was doomed to fail and criticized Wallace for promoting PACT over the nationally recognized and insured 529 plan that is standard in most states. Wallace's opponent Charley Grimsley has been quoted as asking, "Why on earth would you elect the person who caused the problem to try to fix it?" Interesting question, Mr. Grimsley.

Others close to Wallace have indicated he's using the campaign as therapy after the May suicide of his son George IV. Wallace himself has admitted he was not active in his son's life. If this admission doesn't give the voter pause, we will also note that since 1998 Wallace has been closely associated with the Council of Conservative Citizens. The CoCC is an admitted fringe group and deemed by many to be an outright white supremacist organization.

White supremacist? Surely in 2009, the State of Alabama deserves better.

Tomorrow: Sam Pendleton's take on the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board