Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where Did Shoals Stimulus Funds Go?

Despite several state and local governments refusing Federal stimulus money, much of it made its way to the Shoals. Right? While not all stimulus money has actually been handed out, why don't we see where disbursed funding has gone to date? All figures are taken from - Track the Money.

Two recipients: G & M Associates & Jake Enterprises
Amount: $169,657.00
Jobs saved or created: 1

Muscle Shoals:
Same data as Florence

Same data as Florence

Same data as Florence

Same data as Florence

We could go on and list some smaller Shoals towns, but we think you get the idea. This government site dedicated to transparency seems to have some flaws in its accounting system. Then again, who knows what may be the Federal government's definition of transparency?

What's up with this: Has anyone been able to find any information on who comprises the Sweetwater Renovation Board? Interesting Letter to the Editor by Frank Chaney certainly sums up the feelings of most locals on the subject.