Monday, October 12, 2009

Is Willson Jenkins the Next Lauderdale Circuit Judge?

Is Willson Jenkins of Florence destined to be the next Lauderdale County Family Court Judge, or, perhaps more importantly, is he the right man for the job? We think he might be. We also know that whoever succeeds the incumbent will not have an easy task before him or her. As we have stated many times, Family Court has no real winners, and the losers are often not deserving of that status--that's the cost of divorce.

However, we firmly believe that Family Court can be returned to the model of fairness and integrity it was before Jimmy Sandlin took office. We spotlighted Mr. Jenkins in February when he was one of three finalists to replace Circuit Court Judge Mike Suttle. Mr. Jenkins is now associated with the law firm of Bunch and James; we look forward to bringing you more on Willson Jenkins as the campaign progresses.

What's up with this: Interested in the program on Constitutional reform to be presented next Sunday? What, you missed that tidbit? Perhaps the TimesDaily should have placed the announcement in the Forum/Politics section, but then they wouldn't have had room for the articles on Iranian immigrants and squirrel colonies, now would they?