Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saluting Daniel Pate

Several of our readers have asked us to spotlight Daniel Pate of Muscle Shoals. What makes Daniel so special? Other than the fact we're told he greatly resembles Ron Burgundy--just better looking? It seems there's not just a single aspect of Daniel's life that makes him special; there's many.

Daniel is an accomplished runner who frequently finishes well in local events. He's also a committed family man whose love for his wife Stormy Lee is surpassed only by his love of God. Yet, these accomplishments and values are not the primary reason we're saluting Daniel today. Daniel Pate
is a member or the Alabama Air National Guard and as such is often called upon to make sacrifices for his country.

During the past year, Daniel's work has included the escort of bodies of fallen U.S. soldiers, as well as having taken him far from home and family. Daniel modestly states that this is just his job--a job he's honored to do. We think Daniel Pate is doing more than just a job. We think Daniel Pate is a real American hero and are proud to call him our friend.


Sweetwater Mansion Halloween Party update: The website for the Sweetwater tour is now up. It seems the admission for adults has now risen to $25.00. The website also lists a number to call for reservations--an AT&T mobile number out of the owner's hometown Atlanta. Locally, Amanda Perry of Cypress Realty (pictured) will be overseeing the event.

Previously, Miss Perry has orchestrated the Florence Cemetery tours for the past two years. While praised for their realistic portrayal of various Florence citizens of days past, the tours have not been widely attended, even with a modest admission of only $5.00 and all revenue going toward cemetery restoration and maintenance. We wish Sweetwater's owner Susan Leigh Smithson well in her plans for restoring this Florence landmark, but again chafe at the idea of providing Smithson funding, via this event, to spruce up a site that will bring her millions if sold...and that's a mighty big if.