Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Boyfriend Quiz: Will He Kill You?

All right, single ladies, let's take the boyfriend quiz no. 97 - Will He Kill You?

1.  My boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence before I met him...

a. My boyfriend? Never
b. Once
c. Two or more times
d. I don't believe the stories about him. Lies, all lies. Even public arrest records.

2. My boyfriend does drugs...

a. Are you sure you have the right person?
b. When he's stressed
c. Yeah, so what?
d. I'm trying to get him help. Please pray for us.

3. My boyfriend blames me...

a. Nope, not my boyfriend
b. He's just upset when he says things like that
c. You're misjudging his actions
d. Yes, but it's always really my fault. I accept that.

If you answered "a" to all questions, you probably won't become a statistic. If you answered "b" or "c" to some or all, you need to step back and take a long hard look at his life...and yours. If you answered "d" to any or all, you need to run as fast as you can, particularly if you answered "d" to question number one. No innocent man is falsely accused four times or so by separate women. 



Over the years we've banned several from our FB page for using inappropriate language or making libelous statements. We've banned only one person for threatening another commenter - that was Ryan Kent Pollard who threatened a former girlfriend who had mentioned one of his arrests.

Now it seems that Pollard is back in jail. Approximately two months ago, Pollard was in Lawrence County, Tennessee...obviously on some very important business. When he realized he'd been spotted by local police, he discarded what our officer friends are saying was either oxycodone or heroin. Pollard was ultimately charged with possession of drug paraphernalia (we're told needles, but haven't verified that with the official record) and tampering with evidence and given 90 days in the Lawrence County Jail. He'll be out just in time for Halloween, but we hear his probation officer in Lauderdale will be waiting for him. 

Now we're sure we'll hear that the Lawrenceburg police have joined the ranks of those who fabricate evidence against this upstanding member of society...and some will actually believe in his innocence. 


Mr. Bean!

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