Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Christina Marie Carroll - All the Glamour is External

In August 2009, Christina Marie Carroll was living with her mother on Lingerlost Lane in Killen when state troopers charged her with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Two of Carroll's former classmates at Brooks High School have contacted us to say the admitted killer of Kevin Allan Doherty was no stranger to drugs when they knew her. Yes, one may count such stories as apocryphal, but they do seem to fit in with Carroll's track record.

Self-Professed Glamour Model

Since the Friday night hit-and-run, Florence detectives had narrowed down the sought after light colored SUV to a Ford Freestyle. It was just matter of time until all such vehicles in the area were checked for front end damage; Christina Carroll, 27, then turned herself in. Her attorney Tim Case was quoted as saying: “It is a horrible car accident and once (Carroll) tells her side it will be clear that, although it will still be tragic, it was an accident.”

We doubt that most people think the collision was anything more than accidental. If that's the best Case could come up with, we suggest Carroll seeks out Billy Underwood as soon as he comes back from his vacation. 

While the collision may have been accidental, Christina Marie Carroll's fleeing the scene wasn't. We've heard of drivers being so shocked by such incidents that they drive around the block before coming back to check on victims, but four days? We're inferring that neither sound judgment nor moral behavior is known to Carroll.

Carroll's bail was set at $2,500.00 - we assume because a judge didn't think the mother of two now living in the Happy Hollow area would be a flight risk. We may safely assume Christina Carroll is tonight safely at home with her two children. Kevin Allan Doherty is still dead.




  1. This blog must have a formula for convicting people accused of a crime in the press. It starts with scouring their FB page for any provocative pictures which can be used, get some "acquaintances" to say something damning and print it as fact, then totally ignore the circumstances of any crime which may have been committed. You have almost perfected the art of electronic Salem witch hunt. On face value, it seems this defendant was in the wrong to leave the scene of an accident. PERIOD. But to drag up a "modeling" career is a pretty low blow. Even for this gossip rag. And the victim was posing a public safety hazard. PERIOD. A little common sense on the part of Kevin Allen Doherty might have kept him alive.

  2. First, we didn't dig up the acquaintances, they contacted us. On the surface, Carroll was wrong to leave? On every level, she was acting in a depraved manner. We're not sure how many out there can visualize hitting a human being and then leaving him possibly to die alone. We cannot. Period.

  3. I keep reading the Avenger and some others calling this woman a "girl." She was no teenager. She's almost 27 years old (yes, I know her) and knew to stop and made a conscious choice not to. She deserves every year a jury gives her. Thanks for reporting some common sense.

  4. I have seen this woman many times and every time she was TEXTING while driving and one of those times she almost hit me while not paying attention to the road. My sister has a pic of her texting and driving. Maybe if people would put their phones down and start paying attention to where they're going, there would be less idiots out on the road to watch out for. This being said, I think that's what she was doing when she hit him.

    1. If she was texting, you can be sure the DA will acquire her phone records and use them against her.

  5. I don't see how she avoids at least five years in prison on this episode. After that? I'd hope that the judge writes in a sentence that she never get a driver's license ever again.