Wednesday, October 4, 2017

CLC Files Two Ethics Complaints Against Roy Moore

The Campaign Legal Center, usually referred to as CLC, has filed a second ethics complaint against Republican senate nominee Roy Moore. The CLC had previously filed a complaint in September claiming that Moore's non-profit moral law center had provided illegal funding to his senate campaign. Now the CLC has filed a second complaint charging that Moore's state and federal ethics disclosure statements don't match.

In fairness to Moore, the state form excludes personal mortgages, while the federal form does not. No problem there that we see. No, the problem lies in Moore stating in his federal statement that he had received no income from public speaking, while stating on his Alabama form that he had received between 50K and 150K for these talks during the same time period.

Is the federal form important? From a senate website:

Public disclosure of a public official’s personal financial interest is often considered the key component to an effective code of conduct.  The drafters of the original Senate Code of Official Conduct in the 95th Congress considered “full and complete disclosure” to be the heart of the Code of Conduct.
Pursuant to statute and Senate rules, Members, officers, certain employees of the Senate (including fellows and government employees detailed to the Senate), and Senate candidates are required to file comprehensive public financial disclosure reports.
The Senate has required public reporting by statute and by Senate Rule since 1978.  The Ethics Committee develops forms and instructions for financial disclosure, gives advice regarding compliance and reviews the completed Reports. The Secretary of the Senate’s Office of Public Records is responsible for making the forms available for public. 



Below is a link to former judge Roy Moore's federal ethics statement:


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