Sunday, October 1, 2017

Are You an Independent?

Labels are not set in concrete, but most of us wear them from time to time. Only last week our blog was called, for the second time in its history, "liberal." Why? We don't support nutter Roy Moore.

Does supporting a moderate Democrat make us liberal? We sincerely doubt it. We've lamented before that taking a middle of the road stance means being attacked from both ends. So be it. 

Not only have we been called liberal, but we've also had conservative friends brought into the critical mix who don't write here and probably couldn't care less about the election, been called a snowflake, had a dead sister vilified, and the list goes on.  

The salient point now is: Can Doug Jones win in December? We're told he can if those who claim the mantle of Independent vote. Jones is currently six points behind Moore in most polls, meaning that if the election were held today, Jones would garner 47% of the least among those surveyed. 

Can Jones make up that difference in ten weeks? We're betting he can. If he doesn't? Then we'll be seeing Roy Moore and our entire state portrayed on Saturday Night Live...and it won't be pretty.  



Can it again be October? Why, yes. Yes, it can! 

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