Friday, October 6, 2017

Language for Fun, Profit, and...Ridicule

Years ago we heard of a Colbert County woman who, while addressing a PTA meeting, stated: I told my son if he said "ain't" again I was gonna whup him. At least her intent was in the right place even if her diction wasn't. We're sure many have good intentions where language is concerned, but have no idea what is vulgar and what isn't.  

Caution: Strong language ahead!

Instead of banning a friend a few hours ago, we simply hid his comment from our readers. What was his particular sin? He used the word "crappy." For those who may not know:

And from Dysfunctional Literacy:

In the hierarchy of profanity (or vulgarity), the word “crap” is pretty low.  It’s probably not quite as bad as “damn” but a little worse than “hell,” depending on the context. Times have changed.  When I was a kid, “crap” was higher up on the list.  It wasn’t as bad as “sh*t,” but it was still pretty bad.  “Sh*t” was what you said when you accidentally bonked your head against a cabinet door.  “Crap” was what you said when you forgot something but could easily go back and get it. Either way, I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap.

So there you have it. Is that particular word a little worse than "hell" as the author said? While we're not sure about that, we don't allow "hell" either. 

Unless one has a brain injury, speech often betrays IQ levels. The next time you hear someone emit a string of profane and vulgar words, look them over. How are they dressed? What's their occupation or profession? Their educational level? Would you hire them to work with the public?

You say God understands? We're sure He does, but a prospective employer might not.


Speaking of language and employment, a friend who works at a local dollar store recently told us a young man was fired from his job as cashier because, no matter how many times he was warned, he could simply not refrain from cursing in front of the customers he was checking out.  

Oddly enough, it was in the same store where we heard a Lauderdale County special ed teacher spew forth a vulgar tirade against his students. Maybe we don't shop in classy enough dollar stores?


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  1. So post from the president of the United States would definitely be banned, eh?