Sunday, October 8, 2017

Just Who Is Craig Construction Using to Build New $38 Million Dollar School?

Say 38 million and most of us think more money than we could ever imagine in a budget. Say Craig Construction and most of us think of a local Florence firm established over two generations ago. Now think sub-contractor. Now think sub sub-contractor...yes, it's not that uncommon. 

If you had asked us to consider a sub sub-contractor, we would have immediately thought of the roofing business where competing companies like to accuse their rivals of using substandard, or even illegal, labor. Yet, it's not that uncommon in all phases of building and remodeling.

Is Craig Construction using sub-contractors to build the new Florence Middle School? We're sure it is since that's the norm in today's building world. Is the company using illegal or shady sub-contractors? That we don't know, but we do know that someone in the Tampa area wants locals at least to think so.

Cantu-Meza has published messages on a Facebook site seeking two relatively unskilled welders/ironworkers to make about 15.00 an hour to "weld decking" on the new Florence Middle School. He goes as far as to mention Hispanics specifically. Looking at Cantu's FB page established in 2007, we infer that he's probably not Hispanic himself, but a Latino who isn't above hiring illegals to make a quick buck. Nice, huh?

So, is it a joke this man plays in order to stir up controversy in building trades around the southeast? We don't know, but do know the Florence School Board and Craig Construction would do well to find out quickly.



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