Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Five Assaults This Term at UNA Frat Houses

There are currently 13 fraternities at the University of North Alabama. Of these 13, we don't know how many are involved in the five reported assaults that have occurred since the beginning of the fall term. It could be five separate organizations or only one. Judging from the harsh response David Shields of UNA issued earlier this week, we may infer that more than one have been homes to such violence.

Perhaps the best thing we can say about these incidents is that the university is stressing the assaults were "physical" and not sexual. We'll throw in here that sexual assaults are pretty physical in themselves.

Shields has stated that alcohol was an influencing factor in these incidents, some of which resulted in trips to a hospital, criminal charges, and Code of Conduct charges. 

Now every Greek member at the school must attend meetings on proper and socially acceptable behavior. One more incident? Shields, the vice president of student affairs, has said all Greek life will suffer. 




We had a question from a regular reader, a very good question, about how many citizens in Florence actually care about the color of street signs on or near the UNA campus. While we personally like the signs and find them attractive, this is why we should care:

1. The City of Florence used tax dollars (around one thousand) to take down legal street signs and replace them with illegal ones.
2. ALDOT and at least three city employees went on record to declare the signs in non-compliance with code and illegal.
3. If anyone is injured at night (or worse) in the vicinity of these signs, the city (read: taxpayers) will face a lawsuit. Oh, and not just the city; you can add UNA to the list of defendants in that lawsuit.


The Queen would love it:


  1. I know Hugo and I like Hugo, but Hugo Dante is all about self promotion. He'll graduate from UNA in May and is supposed to go live in New York. As long as it looks good on his resume he couldn't care less about consequences. Surprised Florence caved in to him.

  2. Excuse me, Hugo Dante is NOT all about self promotion. He does care about the school and EVERY student so back off of Hugo