Monday, September 11, 2017

Recusals?/A Great Man?

Paperwork has been filed for a new trial in the Chris Martin case; the request was based on a connection between Judge Jackie Hatcher and the family of victim Thomas Grant Campbell. We fervently believe Chris deserves a new trial; however, we consider it doubtful Hatcher will admit she should have recused herself.

If Hatcher refuses to order a new trial, there will be more appeals. All the while Chris Martin sits in jail. Yet we call our justice system the best in the world.


A Great Man?

* He served his country in the military.
* He took care of his family, especially his widowed father. 
* He was always there for those who worked for him, helping in any way he could.
* He gave generously to others, even paying mortgages when homeowners were faced with eviction.
* He stood up for what he thought was right.
* He lost his life to a man of questionable mental state who later committed suicide.
* At his funeral, thousands of admirers came to pass by his bier.

Who was this great man?

John Dillinger 


The above anecdote illustrates that even those who make grave mistakes in life can be described in glowing terms. Simply because a man does good, that does not mean he's incapable of evil.

We've received a letter from a friend of Lexington baseball coach Cole Mitchell. We're attempting to verify a few points, but expect to post it within a few days.

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