Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wisconsin Firm to Design New Colbert County High Gym?

Let me get this straight. Colbert County superintendent has employees stand before the county commission and try to guilt the commissioners because the drama department at Colbert Heights doesn't have adequate facilities OR air conditioning? And, yet another one says he needs money to put a hotel inside Cherokee school?

What about Muscle Shoals superintendent Coach Lindsey saying he needs a new floor in a gym while the football taj mahal is kept in pristine condition sparing no costs. Not to mention all the high paid employees that never step in a classroom - something like a coach to watch over the new athletic facility or assistants to assistants and secretaries to secretaries? How bout that travel expense account? Principals and wives traveling to Pennsylvania?????

Satchel and Lindsey get caught lying to the county commissioners on several issues. What is wrong when they are exposed in the newspaper and their board members stand behind them? Exactly what are they teaching children in those schools? LYING is fine as long as it gets you what you want?

Beware parents. When superintendents have board members cheering them on to LIE, it says a lot about THEM and the LACK OF MORALS and INTEGRITY. As MSCS board president Rudolph says, "Lindsey is to be commended". Ms. Rudolph, BULLYING and LYING is NOT TO BE COMMENDED, PERIOD.  It's interesting that one of your goals for Lindsey is to pressure the county commission for more money. Is that something you are proud of? The last time he "met" his goals (which were another story as well) you gave him a big bonus and increased his salary/contract. Now, if the commission doesn't let him bully them, he still gets a big bonus? We all know the answer to that one.

Back to Colbert County - How bout the new renovations at Colbert County High School?


Inline image 2

Colbert County Superintendent Satchel's latest SPENDING OF YOUR TAXES!!!

Does this kind of extravagant renovations and decorations by an interior design OUT OF TOWN firm set well with you taxpayers while Colbert County, Tuscumbia, and Muscle Shoals superintendents say they need YOU to pay more taxes for their spending?

That doesn't quite rank up there with the MSCS football taj mahal and track that is under lock and key so those destructive people in Muscle Shoals won't destroy it by walking on it, but equally as extravagant in its own rights.

MR. COMMISSIONER, our money is on you. We think you have too much sense to buy into the same worn out song those two superintendents are singing. Look at Muscle Shoals extravagance, Colbert County extravagance, and wonder why Tuscumbia superintendent got mixed up with the two of them.

Leslie M. Shoals

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