Saturday, September 2, 2017

So Sheffield Wants a Five Million Dollar Loan?

Inspiration Landing will need new roads, drainage, and a fire station. Sheffield wants to borrow five million dollars from the USDA. It will take some months for the loan to be approved...just how long seems uncertain. That begs certain questions.

1. If the loan is approved, will Sheffield begin this project before any construction is begun on the Inspiration Landing project?

2. If the money is held in a Sheffield account until the start of construction, what happens if construction never begins or is halted?


Now we have John Elkington schmoozing with Tuscumbia mayor Kerry Underwood about what a wonderful area we have...but we have no news on funding for his much hyped project or any starting date for the amphitheater which is to be completed by next spring, or in approximately six months. Elkington is calling it a "city within a city." We've seen this concept work in Huntsville which has a much larger population. Will it work in Sheffield?

Detractors are saying this new city will be strictly non-locals who will use it for recreation...if it comes to pass. Is this a bad thing? We truly don't know. We do know that Superintendent Lankford is touting how good this will be for Sheffield schools; however, aside from more property tax income, we doubt that it has any other affect.

Perhaps we shouldn't dwell on these issues until actual construction begins.

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