Friday, September 8, 2017

The Lexington Letters aka The Truth about Jeff Cruse

Today we're publishing our first installment of comments about controversial Lexington preacher Jeffrey C. Cruse. We hope the Lauderdale County School Board takes note:

Reader One: You need to do a background check on Jeff Cruse. For 25 years he preached at congregations in the same area of Kentucky then came to Lexington. Pretty big change unless he had to leave.

Reader Two: I live in Elgin, but close enough to know what goes on in Lexington. My kids went to school there. They always complained about Mr. Will Joiner's discipline, but now when they come home they always ask how he is. That should tell you something.

Reader Three: Jeff Cruse is volunteering 15 to 25 hours a week? Where does he get time for his family? My guess is he doesn't and you can't tell me God likes that.

Reader Four: Cruse was a minor league ball player. He never made it very far so now he wants to “help” others learn to play ball. He overstepped his bounds and was told not to come back. End of story except this “man of God” won't let it go.

Reader Five: Any Baptist can tell you the problem. The Joiners go to church at Clements and not FBC of Lexington. Cruse doesn't get the Joiners money or prestige so he's always been jealous. And he wants to clean up Lexington. I didn't know we needed to be cleaned up, at least before he came.

Reader Six: I really can't stand the Freedom from Religion Foundation but turns out they're good for something. I've reported Cruse to them so now we'll see what happens. Sorry he brought such publicity to a nice little town.

Reader Seven: Don't know the preacher involved, but I can attest to the fact that Wiseman and Joiner have been into it with each other for years. I've had dealings with Joiner and can honestly say I was treated respectfully and responsibly. Joiner has never, in my experience, aired any dirty laundry about another teacher. That CANNOT be said for Wiseman. I would think that, if there is a protocol or a process for raising a protest against a school administrator, that ALL channels would be exhausted. THEN you should go public if no resolution is reached. Why were certain Lexington staff members giving "press conferences" when some hadn't even filed a grievance? It would seem to me that if you call yourself a Christian, you would show respect for the process and the law.

We mentioned earlier that we had received some anonymous letters (poison pen letters) about the administration at Lexington School. We went back and checked our e-mail, only to discover they began soon after Jeffrey C. Cruse says he was let go as a volunteer coach.

None of this paints a pretty picture of Jeff Cruse, does it? Perhaps the church deacons need to practice some discipline?

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