Saturday, September 9, 2017

Roy Moore "Won't Kiss the Ring?"

Kissing the ring? What does it mean? If you look up the expression, you'll find it usually refers to paying homage to popes, kings, and dukes – all individuals who wear a ring signifying their position.

We don't have any kings or dukes in our country, but we do have those who owe loyalty to the pope of the Catholic Church. Is that what Roy Moore is referring to when he says he “won't kiss the ring?” Luther Strange is an Episcopalian and Doug Jones identifies as a generic Christian.

Just when you thought Roy Moore couldn't get any stranger...

Not working in the hallowed halls of academe, we had no idea what would constitute grounds for a complaint against a school administrator, particularly by someone who doesn't work in said system. Here they are:
  1. Violation of American Disabilites Act
  2. Violation of Human Rights
  3. Violation of Title IX of Civil Rights Bill
  4. Violation of Other Civil Rights
We're guessing number four is the choice of a certain former volunteer at a Lauderdale County school. The salient question is: Does everyone have a right to volunteer at local schools? We're also guessing such complaints are laughed at, wadded up, and quickly forgotten.

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