Thursday, September 7, 2017

Special: One Lexington Mom's Take on Jeffrey C. Cruse

We've begun to receive mail on some of the problems at the Lexington School. Here's a letter from one mother, a lifelong resident of the northern Lauderdale town, who knows what cooks with the 48 year-old would-be coach: 

The preacher should keep his mouth shut and just worry about his congregation instead of what's going on at the school.  He and his oldest son caused a whole lot of drama on the field, on the court, and in the dugout this past year at Lexington School.  They argued with each other and screamed and yelled at each other to the point where other players, parents and fans were asking for this situation to be handled. The preacher had ZERO respect for Mr. Joiner or his position which I always felt was wrong on so many levels. 
I have always liked this preacher and think he has done a good job for the church he pastors, however, I feel he has given not only his church and congregation a black eye, but also the entire community. He should have opted to take the high road but instead he has tried to fuel this entire situation by holding secret meetings at his church to discuss Mr. Joiner and sending out group text messages bashing the school and the principal.  That doesn’t seem very Christian like in my opinion, but I am not Baptist nor am I Church of Christ either.  It boils down to his feelings have been hurt and he has allowed it to spill over into other people's complaints and this has escalated to this dreadful situation now.  

From what I have heard, Mr. Joiner has been trying to get these “complainers” to do their job, and that makes them mad.  So instead of just doing their job, they want to complain and call him a bully.  The biggest problem I have ever noticed in the world of education is that most educators have never worked in a job outside the school system.  I dare say if some of these “complainers” should have to work in another job outside the school, they would have a rude awakening when a big boss tells them to do their job or hit the road.  Regular workforce people do not have tenure, nor do we get off work at 3 pm or have 2 months off in the summer. 

Secret meetings at the church building? Deacons, are you taking note?


  1. Now I agree that most teachers have NOT worked in the corporate world and do not know what a real Hard-Nosed boss is like, but I do not think it fair to start attacking a teacher's tenure. They've gone to school, they've earned their degree, they've gotten their qualifications and jumped through hoops. True, most of them need a reality check, but they DON'T get off work at 3pm. Some of the best teachers stay late after work WITHOUT pay. I doubt the person to whom this quote is attributed would complete work AFTER HER shift has ended without pay. While I agree with some points, some of this mother's anger is misdirected. Hopefully she realizes the sacrifices some teachers make and stops making generalizations.

  2. Jeff Cruise was not a teacher he was a volunteer and the person who sent this mail probably has it out for him just like this blog. Yeah hes loud yeah he gets on their butts when they dont do right thats what a leader/coach does. Hes a great man hes treated my kids fantastic and most of the Lexington citizens will agree with me. I think 2 teachers/coaches has already left and went to Lauderdale County High school due to the bullying from the principal at Lexington. If you dont live there shut your mouth and the so called person from Lexington that wrote this dont even know why he got fired if so prove it. Maybe put your name out there and own it if you stand by what you say.

    1. We highly suspect the person who wrote the above missive knows more than 95% of those in Lexington about this issue. BTW, one isn't "fired" from a volunteer position, but can be asked not to return.

      So if I see injustice in a town in which I don't live, I can't speak out for good? Who knew?