Sunday, September 10, 2017

Arrest David Randall Nix for False Statements to Law Enforcement

In less than a week, Robert DeShawn Childers will have been missing for one year. The last person to see Mr. Childers was his unwanted housemate David Randall Nix. 

While there's always hope, it's logical to assume after all this time that Childers is unable to return to his friends and family. We know that it's difficult to make a case for murder when there is no body; however, we do know that Nix has been discovered in several lies to Lauderdale sheriff's investigators. The powers that be have the ability to hold Nix accountable for at least some of his sins. We hope they do so.


Now something no one likes to talk about - rising gasoline prices. Shortages are expected to reach the Shoals as early as Tuesday. Orange Beach has reported some stations asking 6.00 per gallon, and AG Steve Marshall has announced this is price gouging and will be prosecuted.

Prices cannot legally rise over 25% unless the supplier has upped their charges. All very nice, but that means we could see 3.13 a gallon fuel? Perhaps we should all fill up tonight?

No matter the immediate rise in prices, the long term doesn't look good after Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia. Nothing wrong with cocooning during football season, is there?

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