Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Public Schools Should be Neither Baptist, Methodist, nor Church of Christ

Several months ago, this blog received a series of anonymous e-mails about Lexington School. The correspondence talked all around anything specific, and when we questioned the sender, he (it appeared to be male) deleted his account. In other words, this person couldn't back up his accusations even anonymously and chose to turn tail and run.

Now we have a small group of people who are questioning some administrative actions before the Lauderdale County school board. One is using his title of "Baptist pastor" in order to have more clout. He says he was terminated as a volunteer.

Jeff Cruse on Left

While we don't know the circumstances of his dismissal, we do know that he should not have been using his religious beliefs as a volunteer. It's very interesting that Jeff Cruse, of Mayfield, Kentucky, pretends to follow God, but doesn't want to follow due process before the board. 

It's also interesting that some of these accusations go back ten years. Really? Just why has this so-called egregious behavior not been reported in ten, we say ten, years?

No, something else is afoot. We welcome all comments as long as they can be civil and not libelous.


That brings us to another point. We're sure you've noticed that when a young person is arrested for any crime, it's never his or her fault. Sad how our police officers make these stories up, isn't it?  

No, this is why school administrators and law enforcement personnel can't do their jobs. Parents have only perfect children in the 21st Century. Sigh...


  1. Apparently you dont much about anything nor do you know Jeff Cruise. He was not using his religious beliefs he was a coach that coached my kids. So you need to go "pretend" to be writer on something you know about......

    1. So what kind of coach was he? We don't mean sport, we mean organization, volunteer or paid?

  2. I met Jeff soon after he moved to Lexington. Soon after that, we started attending FBC. He isn't one can even claim to be. I respect him as my pastor and love him as my friend. Our kids need positive role models in every area of their lives...including the ballfield. In the last several years, we have heard (from credible news sources) of people in prominant positions in the church that have gone astray. Due to this, those that are either unsaved, unchurched, or simply looking for a band wagon to jump on, tend to speak out without knowing ANY details. YOU took a credible issue with a principal and turned it into a religious topic. I'm unsure how you even connected this with what the original topic is. I do not read fake news such as this and I'm only responding because your readers need to hesr from someone who actually knows Jeff Cruse. Btw...The Cruse family has only been in Alabama for 5 years so you show how little knowledge you have (actually none) because you say this issue (again which you have no knowledge of) has got a history or ten years.

    1. Perhaps you didn't read the TD article. It reported some of the complaints dated back 10 years. As for your "people going astray" remark, we have no idea what that means. We would love to hear more...privately.