Sunday, July 8, 2018

Who Went to Colorado?

Make no mistake that we believe there is much waste in local, state, and federal government. We can't do much about the federal level. We can only try to assist in doing something at the state level. The local level? That we can look into and report to the taxpayers.

There's currently a story going round about someone, perhaps Colbert County sheriff Frank Williamson, traveling to Colorado to investigate new jail concepts. Did he? No.

We understand that Colbert County commissioner Tommy Barnes did travel all the way to Cullman (yes, that was sarcasm) to look at its new county jail. Sheriff Williamson did inform the commission of a seminar in Colorado designed for those who run local governments. This seminar taught elected officials how to find funding/grant money for new jails and prisons. This seminar was never designed for local law enforcement officials, and in the end, no one took advantage of this educational event. 

Why David Black told anyone (if he did) that he was sending Sheriff Williamson, we have no idea. It is election season, and we would advise anyone to double check all salacious rumors about money/sex/power.


Slightly over one week and counting for the runoff. Are you ready to vote responsibly? 

The most important local race is between Larry Stutts and Steve Lolley. Will Stutts win this round and continue on to the November election? Or will Lolley have a chance at becoming the District 6 senator? 

Lolley is a retired banker who promises to work full time for District 6. He's not perfect, but he is preferable to Doc Larry. It should be an interesting contest to see who gets the privilege to run against our Johnny Mack.

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  1. Rumors, half-truths and outright lies. It has been said all is fair in love and politics. But it has really gotten out of hand. But it seems to be very one-sided mainly coming from republicans. The more salacious rumors make for good reading but the outright lies like the one spreading about Frank Williamson are disgusting. It is no wonder people are turned off by politics. Of course, you do have to give credit to republicans for one thing. At least they CARE enough to try anything to actually win. AND THEY DO! The local democrats seem to not even care enough to run for office in many cases and when they do seem to be content just to see their name on a ballot. The few who are actually campaigning just might win in their elections this time. As for the rest, business as usual. Until the Shoals area gets a strong two party system, we will get the caliber politician we deserve.