Monday, July 9, 2018

City of Florence Needs Volunteers to...

* Read meters for the Electricity Department. Due to the heat, the readers have fallen behind and need help in catching up.

* Mow Martin Park. Due to the heat and terrain of the park, mowers have gotten behind. Let's all volunteer and help these park employees out.

* Clean the city hall facilities. Due to an excess of visitors, the restrooms at city hall have not been properly cleaned in weeks. It's up to us to chip in and help.

Now, gentle readers, what do you think about the above statements? Aren't you thinking that there are PAID employees out there to do those jobs? Indeed there are, just as there are paid employees at the Florence Animal Shelter.

We ENCOURAGE volunteers, but to say that those who can't or won't volunteer are responsible for any problems at the shelter is ridiculous. 


"Let me out of my filthy cage and I'll shop everyone from the director on down."

Are there those at the shelter who intentionally abuse the animals? If there are... Let's just say that we hope they are prosecuted...after being fired and tortured slowly.

Yes, the dogs and cats have no voice. We are their voice. We are the hands used to defend them. Let's not sweep anything under the rug. Let's mean business this time. 

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