Saturday, July 7, 2018

Listen Up, Ladies; He's a Jerk...or Even Worse

At this moment, there's a young woman from this area whose body is lying in a morgue or funeral home. She had family who loved her. We're pretty sure she didn't want to die. So why did she?

Some women think they can change a man. News flash: Only the man can change himself and he has to want to.

Some women think they're nothing without a man. News flash: You have worth, young ladies. You have a brain. You have a tender heart. You have common sense. Don't let ANYONE tell you that you don't have self worth. You're growing every year that you live, and only God knows how far you can go or what you can accomplish. 

Some women need a man for drugs. There's no news flash here. Just please get some help if you're an addict. Look at yourself. What are you doing with this drug dealer? Why are you helping him? Do you want to go to jail? Do you want to wind up on an autopsy table? 

As to the young woman who was found in a trash dump, it's true that she may not have been murdered, but you can bet the compost heap that she didn't go there to die from natural causes. There's a man sitting in a local jail who is rumored to have been involved with this woman's death. If he is, then let's prosecute him.

Finally a word to mothers and fathers. Your daughter may seem mature, but a little advice from time to time never hurt. Make sure she knows if you have concerns about her latest boyfriend. Make sure she knows that she can always come home to you if she needs to. 

After all, taking in an adult daughter or sister is just a little better than visiting her in the funeral home, now isn't it?

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