Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Thoughts on Rob Carnegie's Latest Debacle

We recently read that tourism growth in Lauderdale County was at only a tiny 1% increase this past year. Really...Only 1%??? 1% is terrible yet we have not heard a word from the illustrious Florence Lauderdale Tourism board or their Director about this tiny increase. 

Robbie Baby Sings Pat Boone
(Yes, folks, that really is our tourism director.)

Now if you will recall, our very own Florence Lauderdale Tourism board spent a ton of money on a SEARCH committee to find us a true Tourism Leader to bring more tourism to our city and county. They had to go all the way to Canada to find such a worthy “leader.” Then they upped the salary of the new leader to over $100,000 a year, paid moving expenses, gave him a company car to drive around all day/every day AND gave him a BIG bonus each year on top of all that. 

And for ALL that compensation and praise, we have a 1% increase??? And not a word uttered about this from any of the Davids or Dicks on the board and council. Had this organization been run like a true business, there would be stipulations over why the growth was not of a substantial amount. I mean, hey, we expect these lousy numbers from Colbert County but never Lauderdale County. Which again brings up the million dollar question...why do we still have 2 tourism bureaus in the Shoals area when we are duplicating SO many of the same attractions and hotels?????

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