Monday, July 2, 2018

Bill Pryor Demonstrates Just How Polarized Our Country Is

For years we considered ourselves to be conservative. Then things began to change. As we began to do more than a casual perusal of the political news, we became aware of just how many in this country are beyond even uber-conservative. Many apply the term wing-nuts to both the ultra-conservatives and ultra-liberals. Whatever you call them, we now call ourselves moderates; it's a much better fit in most cases for our bloggers (we can think of one exception...).

That brings us to Bill Pryor. Remember him? He was a two-term Alabama attorney general who looked halfway sane, at least if one compared him to TK the AG. Now he toils in the law vineyard as a federal appeals judge, but things may soon change. Yes, he's reportedly on Trump's short list to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the nation's Supreme Court. 

Looking back, Pryor had a difficult time with his appointment to a federal judgeship due to his views on abortion and homosexuality. But now? 

Now we see that some are calling Pryor a liberal. Have his views changed that much? Apparently Bill's views haven't changed dramatically; the mindset of the American people has. Pryor is seen as liberal to some simply because their views on various political issues are so conservative that even Adolph Hitler would be construed as liberal.

What does that say about our country? We're not sure and we're also not sure that we want to find out.


Casie Marie Winborn. She was found murdered this week:

Not much has been said about her officially, but many on social media are naming names. It's an interesting story, but above all a young woman who was both daughter and mother has lost her life. So far it seems that very few care. There's little outrage and even less news coverage.

Another day, another murder, and another ho-hum?

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