Monday, April 2, 2018

Tuscumbia Town Hall; David Black MIA; Larry Stutts Ill-Informed

First, we welcome any comments on tonight's town hall meeting in Tuscumbia. We have listened in via a link provided by Edward Bowman, the chief critic of the Outreach Reentry Ministry. According to attendees, all the Colbert County Commissioners were present with the exception of David Black. It's telling that he cared that little, isn't it?

Now...ol' Doc Larry. He quoted from the old sex offender law that was replaced/amended last August. If Mr. Bowman has managed to inform this blog and others, why hasn't Stutts been listening? 

Also, why does Stutts say the DOC is over those paroled? Many have commented that the DOC has influence with the parole board, but legally, the DOC has no influence. The three person board approves or denies paroles. End of. All parole officers are employed by the board, not the DOC. End of.

Stutts say he wants fewer new laws, but stricter enforcement of current laws. We agree; however, it would help if Sen. Stutts and other legislators knew what the current law states. 



Perhaps the best advice to come out of the meeting involved the McKinney brothers. If Chester and Joseph want to be good neighbors in Tuscumbia, they should withdraw the use of the Four-Way Motel property. That would go a long way in foiling any attempts by Willie Simpson's ministry and the Church of the Highlands in continuing with this social experiment. (For those who have claimed Chester McKinney lied about the Church of the Highlands, we ask what else would he lie about?)

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