Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Readers Question the McKinneys & David Black

Below are three communications from readers. Two of these deal primarily with the Four-Way Motel project while the third concerns the credibility of David Black.

Letter One: 

Edgar Black county attorney told the county commissioners (in an email) prior to their last meeting not to comment on the sex offenders and the Roach hotel. He instructed them not to based on his legal opinion they have no jurisdiction or legal authority.

Then last night Hovater got up and made jokes like several others were.

I watched part of the live video that Bowman was filming and was rather appalled at the political pandering by a lot of people and their joking and laughing. 

Reminds me of "the circus is looking for its clown".

What a mess they are making out of this whole thing for political gains.

Tommy Barnes did not go to Tuscumbia last night. He spoke up at the last county commission meeting. He said then that he was elected to be responsible to the people. 

I'm sure David Black was out solving the financial problems of the world with all his wisdom. (Exactly what are his degrees in finance and teaching?)

Letter Two:
Just something to think about. In the Times Daily, Chester McKinney said the motel had been worked on by them to upgrade it. he mentioned finding tape around the doors, supposedly because meth had been cooked in the rooms. My question then and should be to everyone along with all the other questions we have is this: Was the motel and its rooms properly cleaned by a registered professional hazmat cleaning team so there is no transfer of residue, cross contamination from residue, ever done to assure the environmental safety of those living or working on the property? If so by what company? What are their credentials? Where were the contaminated materials carpet, wood, bedding, etc. removed to and disposed of properly? 

Research meth cooking residue. What were the test if any done? And what and who did them? Their credentials? What were the results? Is it the position of the church and of McKinneys that they are open to lawsuits by those they house? Lawsuits by those they might employ to clean, manage, repair, maintain the property? Due to the contamination.

Reading about these labs even the police use special suits to go in, cleaning and hazmat companies are required. Alabama doesn't have a law I am aware of but wouldn't this be interesting to have answers to?
Health department issue? Building inspection?

Could this be the key to finally ending this? I mean could there be cross contamination to other co-workers? Please if you could bring this up. It might be that the McKinneys and the church don't want to be sued by those they are so determined to "help". again just because they are hiding behind the good christian values and name doesn't excuse them from properly handling issues. M
aybe EPA even?

Letter Three:

I would say we have three choices here.

1. Someone set this up in Black's name as a joke.
2. Black doesn't know what a professor is.
3. Black is lying.

So which is it?


Earlier today several individuals "confirmed" that Willie Simpson has left the Outreach Reentry Ministry. Since the name is still registered to him and John Williams (and we have not been able to determine just who John Williams is), Simpson can charge for the name if the McKinneys continue to use it. 

Pretty easy way to make some money...

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