Sunday, April 8, 2018

More Felony DUIs?

Often readers ask us why some individuals rack up seemingly endless DUIs and never go to prison. We've often heard that when someone is arrested by local police and tried in a municipal court, state records aren't always checked for previous convictions.

Now we see that the law has previously designated a five year cutoff for these type crimes, much like driver license points. The current legislature has changed that to ten years, so expect more felony DUIs. 

Let's hope that keeps more impaired drivers off the road.



We had a reader express dismay that this blog often covers more than one topic in each entry. She apparently wanted to link part of our blog, but not all of it.

While we appreciate links that lead back to our site, in cases like that, readers may do a copy/paste directly to their FB if they wish. We do ask that they state where the material originated.


On the Four-Way Motel front, we see that not only did Willie Simpson resign from Chester McKinney's ministry, he has removed the name Outreach Reentry Ministry from the endeavor. Presumably his offices will revert to the church building in Florence.

McKinney states he will continue with the project, finding new partners for his half-way house. It should be interesting to see whom he turns up.

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