Friday, April 13, 2018

"Expose Church of the Highlands?"

Edward Bowman, critic of Chester McKinney's Four-Way Motel halfway house has stated: 

I’m going to expose Church of the Highlands for what they really are. 

Bowman has also accused the local leader of the mega-church of not telling the truth about the church's involvement in the unpopular project. It appears that while part of this story is winding down, other aspects are heating up.



Morning Consult produces a quarterly poll on many subjects, including the popularity of state senators. Alabama's highly respected Richard Shelby has a 51% approval rating for the first three months of 2018. How about Doug Jones? Our Democratic senator is only four points behind with a 47% approval rating. 


So how is Sen. Jones' former opponent doing back home in Alabama? Roy Moore's Facebook page just keeps on going, announcing a lawsuit against his chief accuser from the fall campaign. He's also taking swipes at Sen. Jones' gay son and considering suing Disney and Viacom for producing television talk shows which belittled him. 

Perhaps it's time to announce an official state clown?

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