Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sheriffs and Parents?

This election season has already turned muddy, especially in the Colbert County Sheriff's race. One point critics of the current sheriff make concerns a timely manner of reporting. Over the years we've noticed that very few counties are timely in updating their most wanted or sex offender list. We attribute this to a lack of manpower rather than any shoddy job performance. 

Would you expect a sheriff to direct an office worker to change the oil in the squad cars? No, most people wouldn't. So no one should expect all sheriff's deputies to be able to sit down at a computer and magically learn a program in ten seconds in order to update various lists once or twice a day.



We've mentioned before that if you're on a warrant or most wanted list, it's extremely prudent to check to be sure your name has been taken off. The same holds true for checking the arrest/booking information law enforcement provides the press. Just because you pay a fine, it doesn't automatically follow that anyone actually removes your name from their website on that day.


Now a (highly edited) letter from another concerned citizen in eastern Lauderdale County:

You are not a concerned citizen of Lexington nor do you speak for anyone in Lexington. If you are so adamant about your child being on the team then maybe you should teach them how to play the game. There were 35 kids that tried out and 20 of them made the team. Did you hear that?? 20 kids out of 35 made the team. That means more made the team than did not. Maybe your kid does’t want to play and you are forcing it on him. Is that why you have to hire private coaches? I am guessing that none of the kids that were good enough to make the team hired anyone to help them. Most of them had parents that helped them learn the game. And you want to talk about cheating???? Seriously??


We have to ask if parents of debate team members worry this much over their child's success?

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