Sunday, April 15, 2018

"Ten Commandments" Issue in Governor's Race?

Bill Hightower is a Republican. He's running for governor. He's conservative. In other words, he was pretty much a cookie-cutter candidate. That is until he said in the recent debates he doesn't support the proposed constitutional amendment allowing representations of the Ten Commandment on state property. How did his opponents take this? Picture a pack of ravenous wolves jumping on a bucket of KFC.

The fact that the amendment will be declared unconstitutional in courts of law or that the state would then be forced to place representations of words of wisdom from the Flying Spaghetti Monster in similarly public locations doesn't seem to bother these other candidates. We give props to Hightower who also commented that bragging about one's Christianity shouldn't be part of a political campaign. He may just be the man to defeat Kay Ivey.



Speaking of elections, the primary is seven weeks away. If any local candidates with opposition in the June 5th election have press releases on their platforms, please send them to us. We'll begin to make endorsements in a few weeks.

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