Monday, April 9, 2018

Is Doc Larry Confused on Sex Offender Facts?

Recently, state senator Dr. Larry Stutts spoke about the new Four-Way Motel project, specifically mentioning the training/re-training of those men who would be housed there. Again, that brings us back to the 50/50 ratio of sex offenders.

While it's true that many who enter prison can barely read and write, there are two types of offenders who don't fall into that category: murderers and sex offenders. We have only to look at the trial scheduled to begin today in Lauderdale County for a prominent Florence businessman to prove this point. 

Yes, it's easy to think of alcoholics living in dark alleyways as the typical sex offender, but that simply isn't true. Sex offenders, for whatever reason, cannot control their perverse urges, be they physicians or ditch diggers.

We will assume that some parolees on the registry are in need of job training; however, if they didn't have a simple high school diploma, they should have gotten that before coming here. It's free and encouraged by the system. Work release? No, sex offenders are barred from work release, so in that is Stutts correct about the need for this program?

Hardly, if one is a sex offender at the Limestone Correctional Facility, this is the available training:


We note that at least two of these job skills are highly lucrative, much more so than working in a lumber yard. It's also a pretty safe bet that if these men didn't take advantage of these FREE educational programs while they were in the system, they similarly will not be inclined to work at a trade upon release.



How prepared are legislators, especially local ones? It's interesting to note that Gov. Ivey had announced some time ago that she would not sign any new taxes into law without a vote of the people. Yet Colbert County legislators persevered in their attempts at passing such a bill. 

Two questions:

1. Were they not listening to the governor?

2. How much of valuable legislative time did they waste with this bill?

When does Montgomery get its on reality show on the ID Channel?


  1. Isn't it about time for some change here in the Shoals. Haven't many of us blindly supported and voted for candidates based solely on the (R) by their names. The candidates running for all local offices including state senate and house will be featured at this forum. And YES they are those "dreaded" democrats. This will be a town hall, ASK them what is most important and get their answers. Isn't it worth at least a listen???? Alabama 5th Congressional District Democrats Town Hall.

    Hosted by Alabama 5th Congressional District Democrats
    Tuesday, April 24 at 7 PM - 9 PM

    International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 320
    405 E Dr Hicks Blvd, Florence, Alabama 35630

  2. And we have Republican choices that don’t require voting for Larry Stutts, such as Shoals area’s Eric Aycock.

    1. Indeed we do. We have not offered any endorsements in this race as of yet; however, we can assure you that the candidate we support will not be Larry Stutts.