Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unprofessional: Dick Jordan or the Tourism Board?

Dick Jordan is a member of the Florence City Council; he's also an insurance salesman...selling insurance to the city and to government related groups. Is this ethical or professional? In a small town, it may not be that unethical, but it still smacks of good ol' boyism.

Now, the Florence Lauderdale Tourism Board, for which Dick's current wife Libby worked until very recently, has questioned how he presented an insurance policy to them. Either the entire tourism board is very mixed up or Dick doesn't communicate well fill in the space. When the board questioned a deficiency in the policy, Dick called them unprofessional. Nothing like a good offense for a defense, is there?

When anyone buys anything, get it in writing. We should all know that, but it's very easy to forget. So what happens now? We await the next installment...


Has anyone filled Libby Watts Jordan's place as director of cultural tourism yet? We await that news also...


Yesterday we blogged on Oliver Brazelle, recently arrested for the sexual abuse of one child and accused of the same crime with as many as ten others. When the case goes to trial, or is plea bargained, there may be an easy out for the former youth minister due to his age. Let's hope not.

Just be aware it could happen. It happened in Franklin County when Hershel Graham received a sweetheart sentence due to his health. As we said at the time of the Red Bay murderer, we're sure the Hamilton facility for the aged and infirm has a spot waiting for Brazelle. He can't be placed there soon enough.


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