Wednesday, January 15, 2014

When You Want Something Done Right...

You know the rest of the old adage. We're received much input on the current controversy concerning the Florence Animal Shelter. We've heard from supporters of "both sides." While we believe Melissa Beasley may be competent in some areas, whatever they may be, she has no more business running an animal shelter than Shoalanda has running a Taekwondo studio.

How about Debbie Rappuhn? Has she been "bossy?" It's a possibility, but she gets things done. Most competent adults realize at some point that in order to do what they want, they have to take control of the problem, job, or cause.

For whatever reason (and we imagine Debbie did upstage a lot of people, break a lot of eggs, and maybe even come across as too entitled from time to time), the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter management doesn't care about end results or what she has done for the shelter. HASRA may be moving on, and we think it's time. We think it's the City of Florence's loss, but hey this is the same city that once turned down permanent placement of the Coca-Cola sign totally paid for by the soft drink giant.

Here's a great interview from the QCD: Debbie Rappuhn


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