Saturday, January 18, 2014

A 12 Year-Old Isn't a "Babykiller"

Yesterday we presented a scenario in which a homeowner kills an intruder. The dead man's partner in crime who initiated the home invasion was the one arrested for murder. Did you agree? We hope you did.

Today's scenario? A 12 year-old girl is raped, becomes pregnant, and has an abortion. Perhaps you think this abortion is murder; if you do, who was the murderer? No, not the little girl. If there is a murderer, it was the rapist who not only took a child's innocence, but created a life that could not logically be sustained. If there's a babykiller in this mix, it's the rapist...that shouldn't be hard to understand.

Is there a point to this blog, you may ask? Yes, while not political in nature, there is a reputed money crime involved in all this mix. Our main point? If anyone calls a child a babykiller again, we have plenty of written reports of missing money from two cancer benefits. Just because these people who feel they have been made victims don't know what to do, that doesn't mean that no one out there knows how to report a crime to the district attorney's office. That's called a word to the wise...


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