Monday, January 20, 2014

Is Dick a Public Servant?

By definition, elected officials are public servants. They answer to the people. Or do they? Has Dick Jordan been good for the city? We have to say that in most ways he has. Is it enough to make up for his shortcomings?

Everyone has shortcomings. Those who wish to get ahead in the world minimize their shortcomings and maximize their strong points. Has Dick performed to the best of his ability? How about answering e-mails?

From OB's Corner: Does not know how to respond to email. (Dick!!)

From a faithful reader: I have repeatedly sent Dick friend requests and messages on here (Facebook) and time and time again he has declined and ignored me. Obviously the word accountability means nothing to this man. He ran unopposed for reelection and he knows he can do whatever he wants.

From another faithful reader: I once contacted the mayor and all the city council about an issue. Never heard from Dick Jordan or anyone else.

We have it on pretty good authority that there are e-mail programs that answer every incoming e-mail with a stock expression--something like: I've received your e-mail today and want you to know that I value your input. Let me know if I can be of assistance again. How hard would that be?

What does the local press have to say? A recent article in the TimesDaily was entitled Jordans Build a Political Dynasty. Really?

To be continued...


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