Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"It Wasn't the City of Florence"

Yesterday we said there are two sides to every issue. We believe that; however, we don't believe each side is equally right or equally wrong.

Let's digress for a few moments: Do you love your job? We hope you do, but we know many don't. We understand that one has to work in order to live. It's better to take a job that isn't perfect than to starve or let one's children starve. Do what you can and move on when you can. That's easier said in some jobs than others. Shoalanda herself could step into the role of a short order cook and make it work. Could Shoalanda work in the snake house at the zoo? Do we even have to answer that one for you, folks?

We believe that at least some who work at the Florence Animal Shelter don't love the animals the way the volunteers do. It's simply a job for them. As for the Florence City Council, we doubt that all consider the shelter to be any more important or worthy than the city sewer system. That's why such organizations as HASRA are necessary. Here's a recent comment from our friend Bruce Zoldak:

The shelter pets have been lucky so far...not because the city kicked in funds, but because a volunteer group, and their facebook followers did.  Each time an injured animal has come to the shelter, a volunteer group has stepped in and raised money for the repair, (it is far less costly for the city to euthanize an animal that needs medical attention) When the shelter ran out of food, the city didn't step in and pick up the tab, a volunteer group sent out pleas to the community on their facebook page, and the community stepped in and donated bags and bags of food. And last year, 2013, when the city's budget dried up for the shelter needs, guess who kicked into high gear and purchased, bleach, paper towels, Clorox wipes, dish soap, laundry powder, brooms, mops and everything else under the sun...done trying to guess?  I will give you a hint. It wasn't the city.


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