Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seduction at Six Flags?

We'll continue with our series on Dick Jordan tomorrow...

Chaperon: One who watches others, usually young people, to ensure they come to no harm. That's what Oliver Brazelle called himself on several outings his various youth choirs took out of town. How did that work?

From a Pen-N-Sword profile of Brazelle: He took one youth choir on summer tours, visiting many major US cities and traveling to Europe in 1986. (You may read the entire profile here: Oliver Brazelle.)

From a Quad-Cities Daily article: (The victim) stated the abuse began in July of 1995 at a Holiday Inn in (censored). He advised that it was a trip to Six Flags and Brazelle got a room for just the two of them. (The victim) stated that Brazelle treated him like a chaperon to help watch the other kids. (The victim) was still 12 years old. (You may read the entire arrest report here: Warrant of Arrest.)

Parents trusted Brazelle. How sad. Brazelle allegedly lived a lie; he married, had a family, purported to follow God. Yet Brazelle was a pedophile of the worst order. How many lives did he impact for the worse? Were some totally ruined because of his actions, or only partially ruined?

Parents: Trust only those closest to you. Tell your children what sexual abuse is. Now's the time to discuss it with them. Don't wait until the next Oliver Brazelle comes along.


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