Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Mr. Smith Shot Stagger Lee Dead

Sometime last year, Stagger Lee and Billy were out playing cards when they both lost their entire month's wages to Mad Dog. Leaving the Leighton poker game, both young entrepreneurs wondered how they would pay for rent, gasoline, food, and most importantly booze and drugs for the next 30 days. It was then that Billy remembered old Mr. Smith down the street.

Mr. Smith had served his country honorably in both World War II and Korea, but he was now in his 90s and that meant an easy mark for his two neighbors. Not being able to sleep that night, Mr. Smith had just watched Errol Flynn in San Antonio for the 38th time and had decided to see if he could still spin his old service revolver. He could. Mr. Smith placed the weapon on his nightstand and tried again to get some sleep.

It was only minutes later that Mr. Smith heard the two intruders break through a patio door and enter his home. As the two youths came through the bedroom door, Mr. Smith was still in gunslinger mode and calmly stated, "I'll shoot the first damn man that moves."

In the dark, Stagger Lee and Billy had no idea that Mr. Smith was indeed armed and moved toward the sound of his voice. Smith fired and hit Stagger Lee in the leg, piercing an artery. Both Stagger Lee and Billy ran as fast as they could, but by the time they reached home, Stagger was weak and felt cold. Billy got his cohort in crime to the emergency room at Helen Keller Hospital, but the nurse's aide on duty was unable to save him. Obviously, it would have been much better for Stagger Lee if Billy had had the foresight to take him to a RegionalCare facility.

Now, under Alabama law, who was arrested for Felony Murder in Stagger Lee's death? We hope you answered Billy since that's what the law states. Anyone out there think it should have been old Mr. Smith? Have your answers ready and be prepared to defend them. Tomorrow we'll present a similar crime and expect your opinions to match your thoughts in this case.


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