Sunday, March 24, 2019

Have You Been Harassed by Derek Warren Logue?

It was almost nine years ago when we first blogged about the inordinately high number of sex offenders living in Sheffield. In that blog, we also mentioned "sex offender activist" Derek Warren Logue who was then living in Colbert County. Not long after, we received an extremely rude communication from Logue who related he had sworn out a warrant against us at the Sheffield Police Department - charging us with harassing him.

Needless to say, we had said nothing about Logue that wasn't true. We did call a friend who was working with Sheffield Police at the time; he quickly informed us that every officer knew Logue and would merely laugh if he had attempted to have anyone arrested for harassing communications. You see, according to our officer friend, Logue was always the one to bully others who dared question his goal of abolishing the sex offender registry and weakening offender laws.

Logue soon moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and continued his work as "the Fallen One." Over the years, Derek broadened his hate list, calling the U.S. flag a "rag." He also has requested both cash donations from his adoring public, as well as items he could sell on eBay. You see, as a registered sex offender, Logue is considered unemployable and receives a disability from the government. Translation: Our taxes support Derek Warren Logue who refuses to work at the manual labor some registry offenders do.

The Fallen One also attends what he calls rallies (attendance usually only Derek and a henchman) at various functions, many of them in Florida. He's been so active in the Sunshine state that one Florida legislator had him slapped with a restraining order. It was in February 2018 that CCTV captured Logue at a Margate Lexus dealership pilfering eight owner's manuals. It seems that these booklets cost $250.00 each and can be sold on eBay for around $128.00. When police looked at the footage, they easily identified Logue (imagine that) and issued a warrant. It wasn't until this month that Logue was arrested in Cincinnati where he had become homeless, ostensibly due to an accidental fire.

Now Derek Logue is being held without bond on eight counts of unauthorized entering a vehicle. He's also facing a grand theft charge. Given his record in this state, plus his previous stalking charges in Florida, a judge may not look favorably on Logue. We can hope this will at least create great difficulties for the media swine to return to Colbert County as it had been rumored he would. 

We know that over the years, our blog has not been the only target for Logue's harassment. He once publicly called out a Killen woman who spoke against his attempts to abolish many sex offender laws in Alabama. He's also bullied lawmakers and pro-registry activists in other states. In the past we haven't kept any of Logue's extremely vulgar communications to us. In hindsight, this was a great mistake. 

If you've been bullied or threatened by Derek Warren Logue, you may wish now to inform the Broward County, Florida, court system. These records can also be presented to any local sheriff or police chief in case this child predator (and that is how he's classified in Ohio) should be freed and decide to move back to the Shoals. 

Unfortunately, Predators Don't Come with Warnings

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  1. Derek "The Toad" Logue claims he's innocent of the Florida grand theft charges. But he's spent more than two years avoiding judge and jury. Now he's crowing about his online investigation a fellow "registered citizen" who was recently murdered. He's also busy reporting any Go Fund Me accounts supporting the alleged murderer, which is ironic with his criminal background using Go Fund Me to beg for money for his supposed anti-registry advocacy. For all we know he's using his Go Fund Me dollars to buy alcohol and drugs. Looking forward to the Toad's comical and meaningless obscene threats of violence and legal action in response to this blog. Make us laugh Toad!